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Pokemon: Exodus

Pokemon: Exodus (Cover) by CruelEspada Click on the cover to start.

Hello everyone and welcome to Pokemon: Exodus a Pokemon doujinshi made by :iconcruelespada: and :iconvirtualmanectric:.

I have taken bits and pieces from different verses in the pokemon universe from pokemon special to pokemon Colosseum and made my own plot.

Basicly a group called Kymera is mixing the genes of pokemon and humans together to form pokehumans, humans that have pokemon powers. They also use the knowledge from cipher to create shadow pokemon that they have been releasing into the wild. These pokemon have been killing both humans and pokemon

Raikou and Molnija come across an Arbok and Magby the have extraordinary power and have severely injured Raikou. Later they come across Silver, who has joined a group called hybrid who takes in pokehumans who have left Kymea when they were involuntarily used as experiments.

Molnija and Silver team up to try and find out about Kymera and stop them before the news of this group reaches Arceus and he decides humans are no longer worth living.

Here is some information on the characters of the story

Name: Molnija
Age: 18
Region: Johto
Pokemon: Eevee (Evo) Absol (Rapie) Arcanine (Vix) Articuno (Cuno) (Two mystery pokemon who she gets later)
Past: Molnija's parents were killed when they visited the burnt tower and depree fell on them. Protected by her father, Molnija escape being killed. Alone, she began to cry. The three beasts of the tower found her, and Raikou, despite the warnings of the others, took her in and raised her.

Molnija rarely ventures into human territory, afraid of the big towers and many people.

Being raised by a Pokemon, she knows how to understand their speech. She knows how to speak the human language as well. She was taught to talk human if she ever happens to come in contact with one.

The markings on her body are burns (tattoos) she got to show she is family to Raikou.

Molnija tends to be very curious, asking questions about everything. She can be a bit spacey but is friendly and loyal.

When training her pokemon, she usually battles with them, to help them both keep strong and in shape.

Name: Silver
Age: 20
Region: Johto
Pokemon: Umbreon, Espeon, Weavlie, Houndoom, Persian and Liepard. (He gets one mystery pokemon later)

Silver is apart of a group called Hybrid and meets Molnija and Raikou while on an assignment in Johto.

I hope you enjoy this group and the Adventures of Molnija and Silver.


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


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Join Molnija and Silver on an adventure to save the world.
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Alright peeps, prologue is up and I hope you like it.

The first chapter might be slow coming as Emily and I both have other things or projects to work on, but hopefully it won't take to long.
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Nikki-Nicole-P Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the invitation! Interesting concept here; I'm looking forward to seeing more.
CruelEspada Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you, I'm hoping this comic will be a success.
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